Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Roses are red, Nuts are Brown

Skirts Go up,
Pants go Down,

Body to Body,
Skin to Skin,

When its Stiff:p, Stick it in,
it goes in dry:$,Comes out Wet,

The longer its in,
the Stronger it gets,

It comes out dripping
and it starts to sag,

its not what you think....
its a lipton's teabag,
bless ur dirty mind..


  1. LOL when I first read this poem I had a dirty mind but now I get it you can trick anybody with it. Halarirous

  2. Why does it say body to body and skirt goes up pants go down and skin to skin if its a tea bag

  3. Skirt goes up is opening the top of the packet. Pants go down is pulling off the packet.
    Body to body is the packet touching the water.
    Skin to skin is you holding the tea bag.

  4. It's funny I memorized it

  5. Lls everybody lookin at this poem now but I don't get it cuz Never saw a Lipton packet